Cheap Quality – Critique of a Giant

When NIke first started to introduce their new remakes or somewhat improved re:releases of iconic shilouettes, one aspect did certainly not follow – the attributes of quality. All of a sudden the sneaker worls was filled with with cheap or even bad copy-looking Nike sneakers. Holding these shoes in my hands I could easily figure material costs have been cut and that they might have improved functions here and there, as perhaps flexibility in the forefoot-mid/outsole and perhaps breathability in the shoes upper mesh parts. However, the most strikingly attribute was clearly their cheapness.

“All of a sudden the sneaker worls was filled with with cheap or even bad copy-looking Nike sneakers.”

Cutting costs and materials while increasing margins in this manner is way too naive of Nike. The vast numbers of Nike iconic trainers being turned out in this cheap manner has been a painful experience to many enthusiasts. Why ruin something soo good Nike? The classics of the golden 90s was loved for their shilouettes and their technology in their own time, as the hi technological shoes of today will be loved for what they are now as a retro thing in the future.

“Why ruin something soo good Nike?”

Another really bothering thing about these cheap looking Nike’s is their price. Why would anyone want to pay more fore something that is a cheap looking copy of something once so great? Please, Nike, keep off the classics with this cheap looking and poor quality remakes. And please respect the Jordan series, seriously, you really broke my heart in this regard the other day. Seriously, this is not okay.

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