Collecting pt.1 (/ Hording sneakers.)

On arrival to planet earth, my mom happened to have the most influential teacher of my life. She knew I was about to get dropped since my mom was one leave, and as this lovely lady and my mom were on good terms, and of liking each other, she bought me a welcome to earth kind of present. This present happened to be Nike runners for toddlers.

From being a toddler and to the age of 5, my interest in sneakers was hardly existing, however, thanks to basketball and in extension, to some NBA stars as Larry Johnson (Charlotte Hornets) and Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls) I got into sneakers with passion. My first passion-sneakers after the long break from birth was the Larry Johnson´s CONS (Converse) and when they got worn out I was lucky to manipulate mom to get me the Jordan 7s for kids.

My best friends older brother was soon to sport the Jordan 8s as others in his circle of friends were wearing Adidas Dakimbe Moutumbo’s. The awarenes of sneakers in the age of 6-8 was as sharp and focused as ever, and this is basically how the story of collecting / hording started for me.

During the years I was playing basketball I was all into the hi-top basketball shoes and could not imagine – ever – to be interested in runners or other footwear whatso ever. After years of intensive playing and hard training, injuries started to appear to my great dissapointment, and I had to quit playing basketball. In a crossover move, from sports to streetculture and breakdance, another arena of sneaker fetishism opened up to me. The street cultures classics sneakers had a reappearance through the massive comeback of breakdancing introduced in the video of Jason Newins vs. Run Dmc´s – Its like that. BBoy kicks as Puma Suade, Adidas Shelltoes, Adidas Campus, Adidas Gazelle and of course Nikes Cortez from 72 was a great favourite.

Rocking Nikes Cortez at the time was a bit of a persistance challange as they were too retro for the contemporary crowd to recognize or credit. The less knowing called them Ballerinas, and did not get the Nike Cortez´s simple beauty before they became a mainstream phenomenon. My personal education and historical sneaker lessons went on. By the time of becomming to injured to persue breakdancing I had gathered quite a sneaker collection, at the time it was around 60 pairs.. 60pairs of sneakers! As I was still living at my moms house, she got more and more agressive regarding the blockade of sneakers at the front door. This is the first and only time the word horder have been somehow connected to my sneaker fetishism..

Years after, moving out of my moms house, other levels have been applied to my sneaker fetishism/horderism/collecting. Since I hate the word horder, and even the idea of being called a horder, I started to focus on the word collecting and what it could possibly mean. Starting to collect by heart… as most collectors in the very beginning of their collecting starts, I found there was hardly any difference between collecting by heart and hrdning sneakers. So, my collecting started to becomme more informed and thinking in categories started to take shapes.

Hi-tops, Runners, Air Maxes, Monochromes, Special releases, Jordans, Flyknits, Skates, Socklikes, Oldschol specific silhouettes etc. the list could go on for as long as theres categories. In my case, theres a black monochrome collection, a Jordan collection, a neo Classic basketball collection and a well ventilated summer collection. As time goes, my own collections become more and more refined. This doesent mean I never go astray from my collections, I still have to try out sneakers outside of my own categories of collecting… I mean.. In case one has to start yet another collection.

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