Finding reasons.

Nike Air Max

As a sneaker fetishist, you always find your reasons for buying yet another pair of sneakers. Theres plenty of good reasons, if it rains, if its too hot, your everydays, a variation to your everydays, the ones in black, the ones in white, hi-tops, low-tops, runners, hoops… This list could easily become very long. As sneakers are taking over most (if not all) occasions for wearing footwear, you could easily cover all your footwear needs with sneakers.

Despite the presumed rational thinking as in, I should not, or I already have…, the overly creative minds of sneaker fetishists are always finding reasons for yet another pair of kicks. Whatever the downsides of this irresponsible behaviour, one soon finds oneself having an awesome sneaker collection. To have the everyday luxury to have 20 pairs or more infront of you to choose for the day is a pretty awesome feeling, and it is guaranteed to put me in a more confident and better mood when walking out the door every morning.

If looking back on my own collecting in retrospect, and to somehow try to value if it all has been worth it or if I could have done something else for all that money spent on sneakers… Well, I don´t think so, and if I was able to rewind time to the day it all started… Id only make sure to get the ever wanted sneakers that got away.

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