The Future of Sneakers?



As the direct sport or performance sports references in sneakers slowly starts to fade into the urban street culture and the fashion-sphere, there are a few leading stars to keep track on. And more so, to keep an eye on the development of sneaker culture after they have paved the way in this innovative direction. In this new field of development Adidas is taking a well deserved lead by taking risks, putting in the ingredients as the understanding of what the people want and the hard work to meet the people in this melting pot. Super interesting results are popping up on the market, as Adidas NMD Mid City Sock, Adidas Tubular Doom and Adidas Tubular Invader etc. which holds a key role in this field.

No one remembers that one ordinary brick in the wall as much as the one sticking out, this comparison is applied directly on the previous mentioned Adidas sneakers and to keep in mind for the future. A Hot advice now is to get a hold of the first releases of these silhouettes in originals colourways while they are still around. As they are most likely to claim an iconic status in a not too distant future.

-NayseSneakers – 06/03/2017.

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