As sales (more likely than not to) become moments of frenetic shopping and potential bad decissions they are also potencial occasions for boosting your sneaker collection. However, the road to success in building your collection through sales might not always be so easy when one-off-buys or other distractions come about to diffuse your focus.

As a collector coming to a sale, one has to have a sharp focus and look for the kicks matching the parameters of the collection. One-off buys (buys not matching your collection) are always a waste of building your collection further and most likely to diffuse your collection instead. A good price (SALE) for one-off buys are rarely worth the actual price, its just presenting an opportunity to not pay full price for something you obviously would not buy in the first place.

Collecting for a very specific collection, might also limit your opportunities to find anything of interest for your collection during sales. The broader and more contemporary your collection is, the bigger are the chances for successful finds on SALEs. However, the longer you collect, the more youll learn about when and where to look for sales that might be of interest for your collection. And if youre lucky and make smart investments, SALEs might be a great tool for boosting your collection for less money spent.

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